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Kyushu Travel Guide

IUJ Study tour Kitakyushu & Nagasaki March 26 to 29

  Study Tour Results, Tour Results

  Field trip for International University of Japan   Paticipant : 40 International Studens from 8 countries an …

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レディスやはた 朝倉・うきは・日田ツアー 3月5日

  九州北部の集中豪雨から、元気に復旧してきているまち。 自然を大切にして、日本の良いところを受継ぎ筑後川の流域に広がるまち。 伝統的な方法で農業を営む自然豊かな朝倉市、白壁が語り継ぐ伝統的な暮らしのうきは市。 江戸時代から続く町 …

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英語を学ながら巡る! 東田ウォーキングツアー 4月1日

                                                           1901年(明治34年)東田の地で日本の近代製鉄が操業を開始。       ツアーのお申込み  この地で、日本の産業近代化 …

英語を学ながら巡る! 東田ウォーキングツアー 4月1日…の続きを読む

Sensui-kyo ravine

  Aso tourist attractions

  Sensui-kyo is the ravine located in a place with an altitude of 900m of the foot in Mout Aso Nakadake, where a dy …

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  Kyokusui-no-en is a Japanese traditional ceremony held at Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine on the first Sunday of March, a puri …


Featured Golf Courses in Kyushu

  Golf tour

Around  Fukuoka-city   Genkai Golf Club  High degree of difficulty course, inspire your challenge mind. Majestic Se …

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Excursion & Activities

  We offer many activities and fun things to do in Kyushu.   Canal boat cruise in Yanagawa  Yanagawa Canal boa …

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Usa & Ajimu

  Usa area including Ajimu are located at the base of Kunisaki peninsula and spreading around Usa Shrine. Since anc …

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Cherry blossoms (桜)

  About Japan

One of the most beautiful season is Japan is cherry blossoms season,  from the late part of March through the beginning …

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Yobuko Squid (呼子のイカ)

  About Japan

Yobuko is famous for fresh Yobuko Squid, transparent in body  and firm in texture. The squid has a sweetness that m …

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