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Sasebo & Huis Ten Bosch one-day tour

  Kyushu Tour Itinerary

  Sasebo is the 2nd largest city in Nagasaki-prefecture, and has a beautiful harbor which is used as a navel port. …

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Saga one-day tour

  Kyushu Tour Itinerary, Blog

  Saga is a prefecture in the northwestern part of Kyushu and is located next to Fukuoka-prefecture. From Fukuoka-c …

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Kirishima jingu Shrine

  The red-painted main building of is designated as an Important Cultural Property. The music and festivals are off …

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Kirishiama Onsen

  Kirishima Onsen,  located on the lower slopes of the Kirishima Mountain with a distant view over Kagoshima Bay an …

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Akama Shrine

  Akama Shrine located in Shimonoseki, enshrines the Heike clan and the young Emperor Antoku, who died in the battl …

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