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Sakura-jima Ferry

  Sakura-jima Ferry connects Kagoshima-city and Sakura-jima Island in 15 minutes and is operated for 24 hours. &nbs …

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Hyotan Onsen

  Hyotan Onsen is a public bath where you can enjoy various type of bathes and is located in Kannawa district in Be …

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Yanagawa Canal boat cruise

  Yanagawa is a Castle town located in southern part of Fukuoka-prefecture. There is no castle ruin any more and on …

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Shimabara Castle

  Shimabara Castle, is located in Shimabara-city and was built in 1625 by the feudal load Matsukura Shigemasa, who …

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Samurai Houses

  Samurai was a term for the military nobility in pre-industrial Japan. The Samurai Houses in Shimabara along the o …

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Samurai Street

  Samurai street lined with stone walls and a spring water canal running down the center commemorates the old samur …

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The Japan’s longest foot bath

  Called “ Hot foot 105” is the Japan’s longest foot bath in Obama Onsen Resort, located at the mountain foot of  U …

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