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Sotome area Hidden Christian Site

  Hidden Christian Sites has been registered on the UNESCO World Heritage   Sotome area Hidden Christian Site …

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Self-guided tour

  Our Services

  Kyushu is a fascinating destination like a Treasure Chest of Japan.   If you love travel independently We wi …

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Aso Shrine

  Aso tourist attractions

  Aso Shrine is popular as a god protecting worshipers from trafficaccidents, and exorcism, marriae, and learning. …

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8 days Southern Kyushu tour

  Kyushu Tour Itinerary

   Where to Explore    Fukuoka → Ibusuki → Satsuma Peninsula → Kagoshima → Osumi Peninsula Kirishima → Nichina …

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6 days North-West Kyushu tour

  Kyushu Tour Itinerary

  Where to Explore   Saga (Karatsu, Yobuko, Imari, Kashima, Takeo) → Nagsaki  → Shimabara   Unzen  →   Yanagaw …

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