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Hoshino Village

  The most beautiful village in Japan   Located in the southeastern part of Fukuoka Prefecture, and east side …

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Kora Taisha Shrine

  The largest Shrine in Kyushu   The shrine is specified as Ichino-miya or the representative Shrine in Chikug …

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Yame Traditional Craft Museum

  Yame is the Centre of Japanese artificial crafts   The Museum was built in 1986 with the purpose of gatherin …

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Kanmon Pedestrian tunnel

  Only the place in the world !     You can cross the strait on foot.   The Kanmon Strait, separating Honshu a …

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Ground Zero

  Disastrous War must not be repeated.   The plutonium atomic bomb exploded about 500m over the central monume …

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Chikugo region

  Agricultural industries spreading in the Kyushu’s largest Chikugo plain   Chikugo region consists of Toho Vi …

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Kunisaki peninsula

  Rural area centered on mount Futago    pilgrimage, trekking, onsen, local cuisines   Kunisaki peninsula bega …

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