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Amakusa Cruise

  Amakusa tourist attractions, Blog

  Amakusa, is located in a southern part of Kumamoto, and consists of Shimo-jima,Kami-jima and many other islands v …

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Amakusa Gokyo

  Amakusa tourist attractions, Blog

  Amakusa Gokyo or Amakusa five bridges, is a general term for five bridges which connects from Misumi at the Udo p …

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History of Christianity in Japan

  Study tour, Blog

  Hidden Christian site is registered on UNESCO’s World Heritage Site Japan’s unique practice of the Christian fait …

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Museums in Kitakyushu-city and Fukuoka

  The city has various kind of Museums and a lot of things can be learned   The city of Kitakyushu is the birt …

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Kofukuji Temple

  After the Tokugawa Shogunate banned Christianity, non-Christian Chinese merchants  began making port at Nagasaki …

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Tour guide

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  Excellent Guides and Japan’s Experts with International sense are a key features of our Exclusive tours.   …

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  Fascinating and distinctive Cultures created from many different historical features   Nagasaki became a cen …