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Kyushu Travel Guide

Hiraodai karst plateau

  One of the three largest in Japan    It is located in southeastern part of Kitakyushu-city.  At altitudes be …

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Kazagashira Park

  Magnificent and panoramic view of Nagasaki-city   Kazagashira Park is located on the summit of Kazagashira w …

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Geography learning in Kitakyushu

  Geography is a field of science devoted to the study of the lands, features, inhabitants, and phenomena of Earth. …

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Waste management & Recycling in Kitakyushu

  By the 20th century, Waste was increasingly viewed also as a resource to recover materials and energy. Today, Was …

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Magane-bashi bridge

  The oldest stone arch bridge in Japan   Meganebashi or Spectacles Bridge, over the Nakashima River was built …

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Nagasaki Pearl

  Nagasaki prefecture is the birthplace of pearls and the production volume is the highest in Japan. Omura bay is t …

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Suwa Shrine

  The spiritual and cultural hub for the citizens of Nagasaki   The complex of building and gardens comprising …

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Sofukuji Temple

  The first Chinese style temple in Nagasaki Shortly after the construction of Kofukuji Temple, Chinese traders ask …

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River Walk Kitakyushu

  A large commercial facility along Murasaki River and next to Kokura Castle   It was opened as part of the Ki …

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Kofukuji Temple

  After the Tokugawa Shogunate banned Christianity, non-Christian Chinese merchants  began making port at Nagasaki …

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