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Kyushu Travel Guide

Local delicacies restaurant in Yanagawa

  Yanagawa tour itinerary, Blog

  Yoakejaya, Japanese restaurant using local delicacies of the Ariake Sea   Yanagawa is facing to Ariake Sea w …

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  The largest three-story wooden building used for Ryotei in Kyushu    The Ryotei is a type of luxurious traditiona …


Otani-kaikan Hall

  Art Deco style building used for Banquet and Wedding ceremony   Built in 1927, opened as an employee club of …

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  Ukiha blessed with nature where many orchards spread out at the foot of Mino mountain range. Yoshii, in the cente …


Architectures in Kitakyushu & Fukuoka

  West Japan Industrial Club Historic Building representing modern Japanese architecture. The building was construc …

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Mitsui O.S.K Line Building

  Continental voyages waiting room This is a wooden 2-storey building consisting of an octagonal observatory and vi …

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Mojiko Station

  The Kyushu Railway (nowadays JR Kyushu) began rail services between Mojiko Station  and Takase Station in 1891.  …

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Kaikyo Plaza

  The shopping area in the Mojiko Retro district located by the sea “Full of a romance market which stir up forgett …

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Baked Eel

  Blog, Trip Blog & Local News

  Most Japanese like Eel and baked Eel is the most representative eel dish. Eel are very nutritious, and are believed to …

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