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Kyushu Travel Guide

Kurogane Railway

  Dedicated Railway for Yawata Steel Works    Connected between Yawata and Tobata. Construction work took thre …

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Yahata port

  Japan’s Modern Steel Works history started here   Yawata was a rural village with a small population of agri …

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Hiraodai Countryside Park

  The most distinguished Japanese Karstic Hiraodai Park.  There is 22ha of lawn square with observation platform, a …

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Futago-ji Temple

  The Central temple of Rokugo-Manzan in Kunisaki peninsula   The temple was established in 718 by Ninmon and …

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Hirotani Wetland

  It is the only wetland in Fukuoka Prefecture,   Located 600 meters west from Seiryu Cave and 2,500 m east fr …

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Ojika Limestone Cave

  The cave is called footfall of dinosaurs.    It is the very rare cave in Japan; the entrance is vertical pit …

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Mejiro Limestone Cave

  It is the longest cave in Hiraodai Karst, over 2 km in length. The highlight of this cave is the monolithic ceili …

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Senbutsu Limestone Cave

  The largest limestone caves in Hiraodai Karst Plateau extending about 900 m while meandering toward the northeast …

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Nagasaki-bana Cape in Satsuma peninsula

  Nagasaki-bana Cape is the southernmost point of the Satsuma Peninsula. A walking path leads from a small cluster …

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Hyotan Onsen

  The most popular pubulic bath in Beppu.   You can enjoy various type of Onsen.   Hyotan Onsen is a publ …

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