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Kyushu Travel Guide

Oyster Barbecue Hut in Itoshima

  Itoshima oyster growing up in the rich nature of mountain and sea Itoshima oyster features mellow and sweet taste …

Oyster Barbecue Hut in Itoshima…の続きを読む

Featured Seafood restaurant in Itoshima

  Featured Seafood restaurant, Isonoya   Special seafood dish used fresh fishes caught in the Genkai Sea can b …

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Anego-hama beach

  One of the most beautiful beach in Itoshima   Anego no Hama Beach is a beach of “singing” sand that makes a …

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Ichirano-no mori, Hakata Ramen

  Let’s enoy Hakara Ramen   Ichiran is an authentic tonkotsu ramen  (pork born soup ramen) restaurant, e …

Ichirano-no mori, Hakata Ramen…の続きを読む

Sake brewery, Suginoya

  There is the tasting corner,  let’s sample sake   Sake is an alcoholic beverage brewed from rice, koji mold and y …

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Mataichino shio

  A salt making plant by the ancient production method   Mataichino shio  “Kobo Totan” located in …

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Sakurai Futamigaura

  A beautiful sunset scenic spot at Genkai Sea   The place is selected as Japan’s 100 scenic beauty sunset bea …

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Karatsu Shrine

  The Shrine of Karatsu Kunchi   It is a Shinto shrine located about 1 km west of Karatsu Castle and the origi …

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Kagamiyama Mountain

  Panoramic view of Karatsu Castle, Karatsu bay and Nijino-matsubara   The height is 284 metre from sea level …

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  Fishing industry town famous for Squid and Morning Market called Asaichi   Yobuko is located northern tip of …