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Kyushu Travel Guide

Hinoe Castle Ruins

  During the period of the Southern and Northern Courts (1337-92), the Arima family ruling the Shimabara Peninsula …

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Mount Unzen

  Symbol of Shimabara peninsula, Mount Unzen   Located at the centre of Shimabara peninsula, in Nagasaki-prefe …

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Unzen Golf Course

  Unzen travel guide, Unzen tour, Blog

  Japan’s oldest public course   Opened in 1913, the oldest public course in Japan, and second oldest golf cou …

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Yobuko Asaichi

  Fishery morning market called Asaichi   Asaichi opens from 7:30 to 12:00, every day at just next to Yobuko P …

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Karatsu Castle

  Karatsu Castle is called Dancing Crane Castle   Karatsu Castle was built in 1608. This castle is located fac …

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Obama Onsen

  Onsen Resort facing to Tachibana bay   Located at western foot of Mount Unzen, and consist of Shimabara peni …

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Obama Foot bath

  The Japan’s longest foot bath   Called “ Hot foot 105” is the Japan’s longest foot bath in Obama Onsen Resor …

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