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Kyushu Travel Guide

Kurogi large Wisteria tree

  Okubungo travel guide, Blog

  The tree is more than 600 years old   The total area of its scaffolding structure at 3,000 square meters and …

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Handa kogen Plateau

  Okubungo travel guide, Blog

  The best driving area The beautiful scenery of Aso Kuju National Park can be enjoyed   The Handa kogen Plate …

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Sujiyu Onsen

  A tranquil Onsen Resort at Waita mountain foot of 1000 metre altitude    The Resort is located in Kokonoe, O …

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Hyuga Sun Park

  Miyazaki tour, Hyuga travel guide

  Recreation facilities faceing to Hyuga Sea   It is located along national road 10 in the southern part of Hy …

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  Let’s meet the old days of Japan   The area is designated a National Important Preservation District f …


Sun Messe Nichinan

  Japan’s own replica of Moai Statues   Enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean, the Su …

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Obi Castle Ruin

  The moss-covered stone walls, broad stone steps in front of the Ote-mon main gate, moat ruin, and old samurai res …

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Horikiri Pass

  The suggested sightseeing spot in Nichinan   Horikiri is located along Japan National Route 220, and the roa …

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Toi Cape

  Wild horses are living here   Cape Toi, located in the south of Miyazaki Prefecture, is a cape at the east e …

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Udo Shrine

  Beautiful and exciting Shine   Udo Shrine is a Shinto shrine in the cave of the cliff side facing the Pacifi …

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