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Kyushu Travel Guide

Handa kogen Plateau

  Okubungo travel guide, Blog

  The best driving area The beautiful scenery of Aso Kuju National Park can be enjoyed   The Handa kogen Plate …

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Sujiyu Onsen

  A tranquil Onsen Resort at Waita mountain foot of 1000 metre altitude    The Resort is located in Kokonoe, O …

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Hyuga Sun Park

  Miyazaki tour, Hyuga travel guide

  Recreation facilities faceing to Hyuga Sea   It is located along national road 10 in the southern part of Hy …

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  Let’s meet the old days of Japan   The area is designated a National Important Preservation District f …


Sun Messe Nichinan

  Japan’s own replica of Moai Statues   Enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean, the Su …

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Obi Castle Ruin

  The moss-covered stone walls, broad stone steps in front of the Ote-mon main gate, moat ruin, and old samurai res …

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Horikiri Pass

  The suggested sightseeing spot in Nichinan   Horikiri is located along Japan National Route 220, and the roa …

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Toi Cape

  Wild horses are living here   Cape Toi, located in the south of Miyazaki Prefecture, is a cape at the east e …

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Udo Shrine

  Beautiful and exciting Shine   Udo Shrine is a Shinto shrine in the cave of the cliff side facing the Pacifi …

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Cape Sata

  Cape Sata is the southernmost Cape of main land Japan at 31′ 00″ latitude.   The Cape is home to many sub-tr …

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