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Kyushu Travel Guide

Sake Brewery Kitaya

  Kitaya is renowned Saka brewer in Yame.   Kitaya was founded some 190 years ago during the Edo Era. The Sake …

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Featured Japanese restaurant in Yame

  Ginnoka, one of the recommended Japanse restaurant   The restaurant Ginnoka uses Japanese old style house bu …

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Tachiarai Peace Memorial Museum

  The main exhibit room displays a few letters and other items of kamikaze pilots who died in battle. One case has …

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Yame travel guide

  Yame is a city of Japanese Tea and Traditional Crafts   Located in the southern part of Fukuoka-prefecture, …

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Yeme Fukushima

  White-walled townscape   The Fukushima area is designated as an important traditional buildings preservation …

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Kurume, Yame, Hoshino village tour

   Where to Explore     ・Kurume : the most largest city in Chikugo regin ・Yame :  The city of Japanese Tea and …

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Asakura travel guide

  It is a thriving area of agriculture in Fukuoka Prefecture where has rich nature and many historical heritages. A …

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Southern Saga tour / Kashima, Yotoku Inari Shrine & Saga-city

   Where to Explore     Kashima, Utoku Inari Shrine, Saga-city     General condition ・Departure and …

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Shochu Brewery

  Let’s sample Chochu at Beniotome Shuzo   Shochu is a Japanese distilled beverage less than 45% alcohol by vo …

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Ukiha travel guide

  Ukiha blessed with nature where many orchards spread out at the foot of Mino mountain range. Yoshii, in the cente …

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