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Kyushu Travel Guide

Wind Power Generation

  Japan’s first wind power generation plant constructed at the coast line facing windy strong Hibikinada sea. 10 wi …

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Featured Japanese restaurant in Yame

  Ginnoka, one of the recommended Japanse restaurant   The restaurant Ginnoka uses Japanese old style house bu …

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Kurume, Yame, Hoshino village tour

   Where to Explore     ・Kurume : the most largest city in Chikugo regin ・Yame :  The city of Japanese Tea and …

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Kitakyushu Eco House

  Contributing to the prevention of Global Warming   The Eco House proposes an energy-saving lifestyle at home …

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Environmental Museum in Kitakyushu

  Environmental learning Museum   The museum has Environmental learning function, Environmental information fu …

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Kitakyushu Innovation Gallery Studio

  Museum of Industrial Technology   In April 2007, based on this theme of “innovation,” the Kitakyushu Innovat …

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Toho village, Asakura, Ukiha one-day tour

  Agricultural industries area spreading in the Kyushu’s largest Chikugo plain   The Kyuhsu’s largest Chikugo …

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Kokura Castle Garden

  Kokua Castle Garden made at the former site of Shitayashiki (lord’s guest house) located next to Kokura Castle. & …

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Kokura Castle

  Kitakyushu’s landmark Kokura Castle   Located within a walking distance of JR Kokura Stations.   …

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