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Kyushu Travel Guide

Fukuoka Open Top Bus

  Sightseeing bus in Fukuoka-city   The Open-air deck bus with 3.2m high show you main tourist destinations in …

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Fukuoka Chuo Wholesale fish Market

  Well known as the Kitchen of Hakata dealing with fresh sea food   The Wholesale Market is open to the public …

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Expriences in Kitakyushu

  Under Construction   Japanese Cultural experiences Time to enjoy dressing in kimono tea ceremony experience, …

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Manufacturing company visit in Kitakyushu-city

  The city of Kitakyushu is the birthplace of the modern Japanese steel industry which began operation in 1901, and …

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Recycling & Waste treatment technologies tour

  Kitakyushu is offering various Recycling and Waste treatment technologies   Kitakyushu City, once known as a …

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Japan’s Industrial modernization tour

  Let’s learn how Japan has become the world’s most industrialized country in the short period.   Japane …

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Japan’s KAIZEN Strategy tour

  KAIZEN is one of the most important key word for Japan’s modernization and world leading industries.   KAIZE …

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Environmental improvement history of Kiyakyushu

The city once experienced the worst air pollution in Japan   Saw Dokai Bay turned into a “sea of death.” But it reg …

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Kaikyo Plaza

  The shopping area in the Mojiko Retro district located by the sea “Full of a romance market which stir up forgett …

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Idemitsu Museum

  The Art Museum exhibits the Idemitsu Collection.    A collection that belonged to  Mr. Idemitsu Sazo, the fo …

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