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Kyushu Travel Guide

JR Hakata Station

  A major railway station in Fukuoka-city   It is the largest and busiest station in Kyushu, and is a gateway …

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Hakata Ramen at Yatai

  Food stalls “Yatai” is one thing to enjoy in Fukuoka. Despite a decline in recent year, there are said to be more …

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Tenjin Underground shopping arcade

  The cobblestone walks leading to the Tenjin Subway Station add a quaint atmosphere to this underground arcade. Sh …

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  Marizon is a complex facility for the wedding hall, shops and restaurants and is located in Seaside Momochi Park. …


Marinoa City Fukuoka

  The urban living area where you can enjoy a resort lifestyle full of fun and entertainment.   There is also …

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Hakozaki Shrine

  Hakozaki Shrine founded in 923, is one of the three great Hachiman shrines in Japan along with the Usa Shrine.    …

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  One of the largest entertainment districts in western Japan    Bustling at night with young people and busin …



  The biggest shopping district in Kyushu island.    It offers department stores, fashion boutiques and an ext …


Kushida Shrine

  The Shrine of Hakata Gion Yamagasa Fastival    Located in located in Hakata nearby Canal City Hakata and was …

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Nokonoshima Island

  Nokonoshima, in the middle of Hakata Bay Beautiful flowers can be enjoyable throughout the year.   Rapeseed …

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