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Kyushu Travel Guide

Black Vinegar in Kirishima

  The Fukuyama area along Kinko Bay is home to the famous Japanese black vinegar. Over here, one can tour the old-f …

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Miyazaki Shrine

  Miyazaki Shrine is the oldest and most important shrine in the city. Dedicated to Emperor Jimmu, the mythical fir …

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Somen noodle nagashi

  Enjoy Somen noodle nagashi   The unique Somen noodle nagashi in Tosenkyo revine in Kaimon open throughout th …

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  Enjoy tasting Shochu at the most famous Shochu brewery in Kagoshima   Meiji-gura is Satsuma Shuzo’s Sh …


Chiran Samurai Residence

  Those Samurai Houses were built about 250 years ago. Their gardens are beautiful desighned, with Mt. Hahaga-dake …

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Chiran Peace Museum for the Kamikaze Pilots

  This museum exhibits precious materials such as pictures, letters, wills, articles and memontos of the 1,036 Kami …

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Nagasaki-bana Cape in Satsuma peninsula

  Nagasaki-bana Cape is the southernmost point of the Satsuma Peninsula. A walking path leads from a small cluster …

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Ryugu Shrine

  Ryugu Shrine is located at Nagasaki-bana Cape, the southernmost point of Satsuma peninsula. Nagasaki-bana Cape is …

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Nishi-Oyama Station

  Nishi-Oyama Station is the southernmost railway station in Japan operated by JR, boasts a breathtaking view of Ka …

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Ibusuki Onsen

  Ibusuki is an Onsen Resort that is famous for its sand baths, where bathers are buried in naturally heated sand. …

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