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Kyushu Travel Guide

Shimabara & Unzen Onsen 2 days tour

   Where to Explore     Day 1 : Fukuoka-city  →  Shimabara sightseeing → Unzen    Day 2 : Unzen sightseeing → …

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Kikuchi Valley

  Enjoy short trekking in the Nature   Kikuchi Valley is located in Aso Kuju National Park. Underground water …

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Takamori Dengaku-no sato / Featured restaurant in Aso

  Enjoy Aso beef and local cuisines     The restaurant uses the old private house with thatched roof built mor …

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Oyster Barbecue Hut in Itoshima

  Itoshima oyster growing up in the rich nature of mountain and sea Itoshima oyster features mellow and sweet taste …

Oyster Barbecue Hut in Itoshima…の続きを読む

Kurogi large Wisteria tree

  Okubungo travel guide, Blog

  The tree is more than 600 years old   The total area of its scaffolding structure at 3,000 square meters and …

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Tsukiji Reflectance Furnace

  Saga tour, Saga travel guide, Blog

  This is the Japan’s first constructed Reflectance Furnace in Japan   In the late Edo period when the necessi …

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Mitake mountain Observatory

    Enjoy breathtaking view from top of the mountain   From the observation deck atop Mt Mitakesan, visit …

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Windmill Observatory

  Enjoy breathtaking scenery   From the site of a cannon fort used during World War II, visitors can view Okin …

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Munakata Shrine Okitsu-gu Yohaisho

  Munakata Shrine Okitsu-gu Yohaisho, World Heritage   Because Okinoshima has long been an object of worship, …

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Munakata Shrine Nakatsu-gu

  The Shrine is part of the World Heritage that the Sacred Island Okinoshiam and Associated site  in the Munakata R …

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