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Kyushu Travel Guide


  The largest three-story wooden building used for Ryotei in Kyushu    The Ryotei is a type of luxurious traditiona …


Otani-kaikan Hall

  Art Deco style building used for Banquet and Wedding ceremony   Built in 1927, opened as an employee club of …

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Featured Restaurant Shirakabe

  Local Japanese Cuisines cooked by the best chef in Chikugo region   The restaurant Shirakabe is in the forme …

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Environmental Museum of Water

  The learning facility of the water environment   The Museum was established along the Murasaki River.   You …

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Kitakyushu Firefly Museum

  The learning facility for ecology of Firefly   The activities for protecting fireflies have been continued f …

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Kumano magaibutu

  Two of largest Buddhist stone carvings in all Japan   A Fudo-myu-o 8 meter in heigt and Dainich-nyurai 6.8 m …

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Fuki-ji Temple

  The oldest extant wooden structure in Kyushu   The temple ;ocated on the slopes of Mount Futago and was esta …

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Fukuoka Open Top Bus

  Sightseeing bus in Fukuoka-city   The Open-air deck bus with 3.2m high show you main tourist destinations in …

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Hibikinada Biotope in Kitakyushu

  Japan’s largest Biotope   The Pradise of creatures made over the year in the waste disposal site.    237 kin …

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Hirotani Wetland

  It is the only wetland in Fukuoka Prefecture,   Located 600 meters west from Seiryu Cave and 2,500 m east fr …

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