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Kyushu Travel Guide

Ojika Limestone Cave

  The cave is called footfall of dinosaurs.    It is the very rare cave in Japan; the entrance is vertical pit …

Ojika Limestone Cave…の続きを読む

Mejiro Limestone Cave

  It is the longest cave in Hiraodai Karst, over 2 km in length. The highlight of this cave is the monolithic ceili …

Mejiro Limestone Cave…の続きを読む

Senbutsu Limestone Cave

  The largest limestone caves in Hiraodai Karst Plateau extending about 900 m while meandering toward the northeast …

Senbutsu Limestone Cave…の続きを読む

Hiraodai karst plateau

  One of the three largest in Japan    It is located in southeastern part of Kitakyushu-city.  At altitudes be …

Hiraodai karst plateau…の続きを読む

Fukuoka Chuo Wholesale fish Market

  Well known as the Kitchen of Hakata dealing with fresh sea food   The Wholesale Market is open to the public …

Fukuoka Chuo Wholesale fish Market…の続きを読む

Kyushu Railway Museum

  It is a railway theme park organized by JR Kyushu, showing the  history of Kyushu Railways.   Consists of 3 …

Kyushu Railway Museum…の続きを読む

West Japan Industrial Club

  Historic Building representing modern Japanese architecture   The building was constructed in 1911 as the fo …

West Japan Industrial Club…の続きを読む

Kitakyushu Eco House

  Contributing to the prevention of Global Warming   The Eco House proposes an energy-saving lifestyle at home …

Kitakyushu Eco House…の続きを読む

Environmental Museum in Kitakyushu

  Environmental learning Museum   The museum has Environmental learning function, Environmental information fu …

Environmental Museum in Kitakyushu…の続きを読む

Company visit to TOYOTA Motor Kyushu

  Established in 1991, 100% shareholder of Toyota Motor.  Major manufactured car is Lexus, and annual production vo …

Company visit to TOYOTA Motor Kyushu…の続きを読む