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Kyushu Travel Guide

Tsukiji Reflectance Furnace

  This is the Japan’s first constructed Reflectance Furnace   In the late Edo period when the necessity of mar …

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Mietsu Naval Dock / UNESCO World Heritage

  UNESCO World Heritage, Site of Japan’s Meiji Industrial Revolution   Before Meiji Restoration, the Mietsu Na …

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Yusentei Garden

  The time-honored Japanese garden   The Japanese traditional Garden; it was originally built in the 1754 for …

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Kawabata-dori Shopping Street

  The most historical and traditional shopping street in Hakata   The entrance of the shopping street is locat …

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Museums and learning facilities

  Fukuoka-prefecture including Kitakyushu-city have various kind of Museums and facilities and a lot of things can …

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Industrial Heritages in Kitakyushu

  Kitakyushu-city  is the industrial innovation city where a lot of Japan’s Industries were born and Japan’s indust …

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  お客様だけの特別なバスツアーです   旅行の企画、貸切バスの手配から食事をアレンジも含めて全てのお任せください。 各地の歴史・文化にも精通し、豊富な旬の情報を基に、ご要望に合った 特別なツアーを提案します。 モデルコ …


Kyokusui-no-en at Dazaifu Shrine

  The festival will be held on March 3, Sunday in 2019 Kyokusui-no-en is a Japanese traditional ceremony held at Dazaifu …

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Hakata Gion Yamagasa Festival

  One of the most exciting summer festival in Japan   takes place from July 1 to 15 and is held at Kushida-jinja Sh …

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