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Kyushu Travel Guide

Kumamoto-prefecture travel guide

  Kumamoto-prefecture is in the center of Kyushu, It is bordered by the Ariake inland sea and the Amakusa archipela …

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Kikuchi Valley

  Enjoy short trekking in the Nature   Kikuchi Valley is located in Aso Kuju National Park. Underground water …

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Takamori Dengaku-no sato / Featured restaurant in Aso

  Enjoy Aso beef and local cuisines     The restaurant uses the old private house with thatched roof built mor …

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Yame travel guide

  Yame is a city of Japanese Tea and Traditional Crafts   Located in the southern part of Fukuoka-prefecture, …

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Asakura travel guide

  It is a thriving area of agriculture in Fukuoka-prefecture  where has rich nature and many historical heritages. …

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Saga-city travel guide

  Saga-city in Kyushu is the seat of the Saga-prefectural government. It faces the Ariake Sea on the south and is h …

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Ukiha travel guide

  Ukiha blessed with nature where many orchards spread out at the  foot of Mino mountain range.   Yoshii, in t …

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Starbucks at Dazaifu Shrine

  Coffee break under the traditional atmosphere   The restaurant was designed by renown architecture designer …

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Kumamoto City Tram

  The convenient public transportation to travel in the Kumamoto-city   There are two lines ;  A line and B li …

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Shimo-tori Shopping Street

  The largest shopping arcade in Kumamoto prefecture   The center of fashion and amusement where department st …

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