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Kyushu Travel Guide

Oita-prefcture travel guide

  Oita-prefecture is on the north-eastern section of Kyushu.  It is bordered by Miyazaki-prefecture to the south, a …

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Ibusuki travel guide

  Ibusuki and surrounded araa Satsuma peninsula extends about 50 kilometers south from Kagoshima-city, making up th …

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Kagoshima travel guide

  Kagoshima is the southernmost prefecture in Kyushu which can see Sakura-jima  which raises the smoke across the K …

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Aso travel guide

  Aso gives unforgettable experiences The active volcano Mount Aso and world’s largest caldera offer a lot of excit …

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Yufuin travel guide

  A beautiful and tranquil Onsen Resort representing Kyushu Yufuin is located about 15 km west of Beppu and is spre …

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