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Kyushu Travel Guide

Kitakyushu-city hiking tour

  Although probably better known as industrial and environmentally advanced cities, Kitakyushu-city is also blessed …

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First Head Office of the Steel Works

   UNESCO World Heritage, Site of Japan’s Meiji Industrial Revolution   The four sites of Yawata Steel Works in Kit …

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Higashida No.1 Blast Furnace

  The birth place where Japan’s steel industry began in 1901 It contributed greatly to the development of the Japa …

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Tanga Market

 typical Japanese market, known as “the kitchen” in Kitakyushu-city  There are more than 120 shops in the 180 metre-long …

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Kokura Castle Garden

  Kokua Castle Garden made at the former site of Shitayashiki (lord’s guest house) located next to Kokura Castle. T …

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River Walk Kitakyushu

  A large commercial facility along Murasaki river and next to Kokura Castle It was opened as part of the Kitakyush …

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