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Wind Power Generation

  Japan’s first wind power generation plant constructed at the coast line facing windy strong Hibikinada sea. 10 wi …

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J-Power in Kitakyushu

  The company have been supplying low-cost and reliable electricity for over 60 years.   And research and developme …

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Hiraodai Countryside Park

  The most distinguished Japanese Karstic Hiraodai Park.  There is 22ha of lawn square with observation platform, a …

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Hirotani Wetland

  It is the only wetland in Fukuoka Prefecture. Located 600 meters west from Seiryu Cave and 2,500 m east from Hira …

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Ojika Limestone Cave

  The cave is called footfall of dinosaurs.  It is the very rare cave in Japan; the entrance is vertical pit with 2 …

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Mejiro Limestone Cave

  It is the longest cave in Hiraodai Karst, over 2 km in length. The highlight of this cave is the monolithic ceili …

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Senbutsu Limestone Cave

  The largest limestone caves in Hiraodai Karst Plateau, extending about 900 m while meandering toward the northeas …

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Yame Central Tea Plantation

  The country of Green Tea, Yame The Green Tea grown in Yame is one of the highest grade of tea throughout Japan. T …

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