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Kyushu Travel Guide in Japan

Gunkan-jima island cruise

  The cruise ship take you exploring Tachibana bay from Nagasaki port and landing on Gunkan-jima island.   Has …

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Kumamoto, Aso and Takachiho 3 days tour

  The tour covers the major tourist destinations in the Central Kyushu. The areas to be traveled including Takachih …

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UNESCO Hidden Christian Sites in the Nagasaki Region

    Hidden Christian site is registered on UNESCO’s World Heritage   Japanese Christianity has a long his …

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Ground Zero

  Disastrous War must not be repeated. The plutonium atomic bomb exploded about 500m over the central monument at 1 …

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Hiraodai Karst Plateau & Caves

  One of the three largest karst plateau in Japan along with the Akiyoshi-dai Plateau and the Shikoku Karst.  &nbsp …

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Usa & Ajimu travel guide

  Usa area including Ajimu are located at the base of Kunisaki peninsula and spreading around Usa Shrine. Since anc …

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