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Kurogi large Wisteria tree

  The tree is more than 600 years old, the total area of its scaffolding structure at 3,000 square meters and its l …

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Sake Brewery Kitaya

  Kitaya is renowned Saka brewer in Yame.   Kitaya was founded some 190 years ago during the Edo Era. The Sake …

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Featured Japanese restaurant in Yame

  Ginnoka, one of the recommended Japanse restaurant. The restaurant Ginnoka uses Japanese old style house built 10 …

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Yeme Fukushima

  White-walled townscape, Fukushima area is designated as an important traditional buildings preservation area by t …

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Fukinoto, restaurant and accommodation

  Located in the precincts of Fuku-ji temple, the local cuisines can be enjoyed such as Bungo beef, Dangojiru, Soba …

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Maki Odo

  The temple houses nine Buddhists images said to be masterpieces of the Heian period, including the Maki-Odo Seate …

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Tashibu-no-sho, the World Agricultural Heritage

  The World Agricultural Heritage in Kunisaki Peninsula.   This district was once considered the most importan …

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Nagasaki-bana Cape in Kunisaki peninsula

  Beautiful Resort Park facing to Suo Sea, located in the northern part of Bungo Takada-city, the tip of the Kunish …

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Kumano magaibutu

  Two of largest Buddhist stone carvings in all Japan. A Fudo-myu-o 8 meter in heigt and Dainich-nyurai 6.8 meter h …

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Fuki-ji Temple

  The oldest extant wooden structure in Kyushu, the temple ;ocated on the slopes of Mount Futago and was establishe …

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