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Kyushu Travel Guide

Karatsu & Yobuko one-day tour

  Karatsu and Yobuko, located on the Higashi Matsuura Peninsula in the northwestern part of Saga-prefecture, have b …

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Saga-city one-day tour

  Saga-city in Kyushu is the seat of the Saga-prefectural government. It faces the Ariake Sea on the south and is h …

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Kagoshima-prefecture travel guide

  Kagoshima-prefecture is located at the southwest tip of Kyushu on the Satsuma Peninsula and Osumi Peninsula. This …

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Miyazaki-prefecture travel guide

  Miyazaki-prefecture is on the eastern coast of the island of Kyushu, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean to the south …

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Huis Ten Bosch

  Sasebo travel guide, Sasebo tour, Blog

  Huis Ten Bosch is a theme park in Sasebo, which recreates the Netherlands by displaying life-sized copies of old …

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Sasebo travel guide

  Sasebo travel guide, Sasebo tour, Blog

  Sasebo is the 2nd largest city in Nagasaki-prefecture. The city includes a part of Saikai National Park. Located …

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Nagasaki-prefecture travel guide

  Nagasaki-prefecture is located north-west side of Kyushu and borders Saga-prefecture on the east, and is otherwis …

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Kumamoto-prefecture travel guide

  Kumamoto-prefecture is in the center of Kyushu, It is bordered by the Ariake inland sea and the Amakusa archipela …

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Oita-prefcture travel guide

  Oita-prefecture is on the north-eastern section of Kyushu.  It is bordered by Miyazaki-prefecture to the south, a …

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Saga-prefecture travel guide

  Saga-prefecture is located in the northern part of Kyushu and are adjacent to Fukuoka-prefecture in the east and …

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