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Minami Kawachi-bashi bridge

  The only remaining lenticular truss bridge in Japan  ( lens type truss bridge), located at the south side of Kawa …

Minami Kawachi-bashi bridge…の続きを読む

Hiagari Sewage water treatment plant

  The sewage come through the sewer pipe is purified in the plant and flow into the sea.  There is an also new tech …

Hiagari Sewage water treatment plant…の続きを読む

Wind Power Generation

  Japan’s first wind power generation plant constructed at the coast line facing windy strong Hibikinada sea. 10 wi …

Wind Power Generation…の続きを読む

J-Power in Kitakyushu

  The company have been supplying low-cost and reliable electricity for over 60 years.   And research and developme …

J-Power in Kitakyushu…の続きを読む

Shimabara & Unzen Onsen 2 days tour

  The tour introduces Shimabara peninsula in Nagasaki-prefecture. Shimabara peninsula is located about 30 km east o …

Shimabara & Unzen Onsen 2 days tour…の続きを読む

Kurogi large Wisteria tree

  The tree is more than 600 years old, the total area of its scaffolding structure at 3,000 square meters and its l …

Kurogi large Wisteria tree…の続きを読む

Tsukiji Reflectance Furnace

  This is the Japan’s first constructed Reflectance Furnace   In the late Edo period when the necessity of mar …

Tsukiji Reflectance Furnace…の続きを読む

Mitake mountain Observatory

  Enjoy breathtaking view from top of the mountain   From the observation deck atop Mt Mitakesan, visitors can …

Mitake mountain Observatory…の続きを読む

Windmill Observatory

  Enjoy breathtaking scenery   From the site of a cannon fort used during World War II, visitors can view Okin …

Windmill Observatory…の続きを読む

Munakata Shrine Okitsu-gu Yohaisho

  Munakata Shrine Okitsu-gu Yohaisho, UNESCO World Heritage site The Sacred Island Okinoshiam and Associated site i …

Munakata Shrine Okitsu-gu Yohaisho…の続きを読む