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Kyushu Travel Guide in Japan

Megane-bashi bridge

  The oldest stone arch bridge in Japan.   Meganebashi or Spectacles Bridge, over the Nakashima River was buil …

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STEM Education field / museums and learning facilities

  Fukuoka-prefecture including Kitakyushu-city have various kind of Museums and facilities and a lot of things can …

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Mifuneyama-rakuen Garden

  Beautiful Japanese Garden, located in the southwestern foot of Mifuneyama   Construction of the garden took …

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Kokonoe Yume Otsurihashi

  Okubungo travel guide, Blog

  The longest pedestrian suspension bridge in Japan the 2nd leongest in the World. Splendid and beautiful view from …

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Sun Messe Nichinan

  Japan’s own replica of Moai Statues. Enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean, the Sun Mess …

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Obi Castle Ruin

  The moss-covered stone walls, broad stone steps in front of the Ote-mon main gate, moat ruin, and old samurai res …

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Toi Cape

  Wild horses are living here. Cape Toi, located in the south of Miyazaki Prefecture, is a cape at the east end of …

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  Enjoy tasting Shochu at the most famous Shochu brewery in Kagoshima.   Meiji-gura is Satsuma Shuzo’s S …


Hidden Christian Sites in Nagasaki Region, World Heritage Site

  Congratulations on UNESCO’s World Heritage Site registration   Japan’s unique practice of the Christia …

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Sotome area Hidden Christian Sites

  The mission base of de Rotz, who dedicated himself to assisting the needy. When he discovered the underground Chr …

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