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Kyushu Travel Guide in Japan

Asakura and Ukiha one-day tour

  Agricultural industries area spreading in the Kyushu’s largest Chikugo plain. The Kyuhsu’s largest Chikugo River …

Asakura and Ukiha one-day tour…の続きを読む

Amano Iwato Shrine

  Takachiho is a birth place of Japanese indigenouse religion, Shinto. There is a story of Shinto origin in the Cav …

Amano Iwato Shrine…の続きを読む

Yanagawa Canal boat cruise

  Yanagawa Canal boat cruise is to board a small boat called the Donkobune and slowly go down the river skillfully …

Yanagawa Canal boat cruise…の続きを読む

Study tours to Kitakyushu

  Kitakyushu-city is the World leading Environmental Future city, and blessed with spectacular and stunning nature. …

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Nabegataki Watarfalls

  Aso tour, Aso travel guide, Blog

  Nabegataki Waterfall is a hidden tourist spot in Kumamoto prefecture, located just outside Oguni town in Aso regi …

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Oura Cathedral

  Basilica of Martyrdom of the 26 Saints of Japan Registered on UNESCO’s World Heritage as Hidden Christian s …

Oura Cathedral…の続きを読む

Higashida No.1 Blast Furnace

  Only the Blast  Furnace in the world which preserved as it was.   The birth place where Japan’s steel industry b …

Higashida No.1 Blast Furnace…の続きを読む

Tanga Market

  Typical Japanese market, known as “the kitchen” in Kitakyushu-city.    There are more than 120 shops in the  …

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Kirishiama Onsen

  Located on the lower slopes of the Kirishima Mountain with a distant view over Kagoshima Bay and Sakurajima below …

Kirishiama Onsen…の続きを読む


  Only the trading port in Japan during Natinal isolation.      The fan-shaped artificial island in the bay of Naga …