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Asakura Triple Water Wheel


Asakura is the only area in Japan to use water wheels for irrigation


The irrigation system used the Triple Water Wheel was completed in 1760.

The water is supplied from Yamada weir in Chikugo through the canal to the Triple Water Wheel.

And then the water distributed to each rice field by Triple Water Wheel.


The water wheel currently operates between mid June and mid October, irrigating an area of

35 hectares along with two other pumping water wheels

(Mijima Double Water Wheel and Hisashige Double Water Wheel).


        Bank of Chikugo River

               Chikugo River

               Yamada Weir


                       Rice field

                   Rice field

The Triple Water Wheel is a Municipally-Designated Tangible Folk Cultural Asset

and became a Government-Designated Historical Site in 1990.



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