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Kanmon Bridge


Kanmon Bridge is the suspended bridge crossing the Kanmon Straits, a stretch of water

separating two of Japan’s four main islands.

On the Honshu side of the bridge is Shimonoseki and on the Kyushu side is Kitakyushu-city.

The Kanmon-kyo bridge was opened to vehicles in 1973 and connected the Kyushu Expressway

in 1984. It is the 34th largest suspension bridge in the world with a central span of 712 meters.



Kanmon Strait

The Kanmon Straits, separating Honshu and Kyushu, is a very busy waterway with as many as

700 small and large ships a day passing through it.There are a total of seven ways to cross the

straits such as the 1,068-meter-lomg “Kanmonkyo Bridge”, the “Shin-Kanmon Tunnel” , the

“Kanmon Pedestrian Tunnel”, to cross on foot, the “ferries”, and the like.



Konamon Pedstrian tunnel

Only the place in the world !   You can cross the strait on foot.
The Kanmon Strait, separating Honshu and Kyushu, is a very beautiful and busy waterway with

as many as 700 small and large ships a day passing through it.




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