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Mount Sarakura (皿倉山)


Mount Sarakura is the highest mountain in Kitakyushu with an

altitude of 622 meters above sea level.

It is a part of Kitakyushu Quasi-national Park along with

Hiraodai plateau.

At the top you are presented with a magnificent and spectacular

view of Kitakyushu, including Moji, Kokura, 
Yahata, and Tobata, as well as Wakamatsu.



The world’s most dynamic, magnificent and spectacular 


In the evening, you can also enjoy one of the most beautiful night 

scenes in Japan, known as “ the One Million Dollar Night View. 

Further more, the mountain has recently become popular as a 

paragliding flight area.



Scenery from Mt. Sarakura

 Top of the mountain  Top of the mountain Top of the mountain  


 Munakata, Asiya, Yahata  Yahata, Wakamatsu  Tobata, Kokura, Moji


From the Cable car From the Cable car  Kokura 


Higashida Wakato Bridge Kanmonkyo Bridge


Nippon Steel and Sumitomo Metal


Nippon Steel and Sumitomo Metal


Nippon Steel and Sumitomo Metal Kokura


Access to the summit

Mount Sarakura

The mountain where many people are enjoying trekking.

It takes about one and half hours on foot to top of the mountain with 622 metre
above sea level from the Cable Car Station.
But, you can easily and quickly reach the summit by using the Cable Car and 
Slope Car.

Cable Car

The longest cable car in Kyushu, the total length is 1,100 metre from the

Moutain-foot Station to the Summit Station, connecting the elevation

difference 440 metre in 5 minutes. 
You can enjoy spectacular panoramic views that change from moment to

moment from the fully glazed window.

Slope Car

The self-drive monorail, the inclination angle of the rail changes while running,

but the floor is always kept horizontally by the hydraulic control system.
connecting the the total length of 159 metre rail in 3 minutes from the Cable Car 

Top Station to the Summit.



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