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Unzen is a beautiful mountain and Onsen resort, and was the first area to be designated

as a National Park in Japan.  Whether you are taking in the stunning  panoramic views 

from top one of the many peaks including Nita-toge Pass or looking up these volcanic 

mountains or Fugen, you will marvel at the spectacular scenery. 

As each season brings a vivid change to the appearance the face of Unzen you may wish 

to return again and again to enjoy the full range of rich variations.



Welcome to Unzen

Unzen Bus center Onsen Onsen Resort  Entrance of Unzen Onsen Resort


Exploring Unzen

Nita pass

 Azaleas in Spring

 Autumn leaves

 Frost in Winter


Bideo Museum Bideo Museum Unzen Golf Course


                 Location of Unzen


Access to Unzen


・30 minutes by car from Shimabara

・80 minutes by car from Nagasaki-city

・2 and half hours by car from Fukuoka-city


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