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Martyrdom of the 26 Saints of Japan


Nishizaka Hill in Nagasaki reminds us of the Martyrdom of 26 Japanese Saints.

Their long trek to the Cross, verification of their faith in God and their chant for ascension
are well visualized with memorial made by Yasutake Funakoshi.

On February 5, 1597, Paulo Miki and 25 others were crucified for their belief in God on

order of Toyotomi Hideyoshi. 

The martyrs including four Spaniards, one from Goa, India, one Mexican and 20 Japanese

demonstrated their spiritual unity despite differences in races, ages and professions.


By putting them to death, Hideyoshi threatened people, saying I hereby ban Christianity”. 
Responded the martyrs’ chant “All people, bless God!  Death and life, liberty and persecution
and Dictators and the people confronted on Nishizaka Hill. 

The martyrs are immortal.

In 1862, the 26 Japanese martyrs were canonized by Pope Pius IX. In 1956, the place of

their martyrdom was designated as a Historical Place by Nagasaki Prefecture.

A monument dedicated to them was built on June 10 in 1962.



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