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Tanga Market


Tanga Market is a typical Japanese market, known as “the kitchenin Kitakyushu-city. 

There are more than 120 shops in the 180 metre-long arcade. Here you get a true taste

of the culture and sample the real life style  of the people living in Kitakyushu.
You can find fresh, inexpensive fish, vegetables and meats, as well as local 

such as karashi mentaiko  ( fish roe seasoned with tasty spices and sauce) and nukamiso daki 

(boiled fish with paste made from rice bran and soy beans).





Tanga Yatai

At night time, food stalls called Yatai open in the square in front of Tanga Market.
Here you can try delicious oden (a stew made from various ingredients) and ramen.


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