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Hell tour


Beppu’s most hyped attraction 

Hell (Jigoku Meguri ) tour that is a collection of hot spring where the 
water bubbles forth from underground, often with unusual result.  

Seven of the hells are located in the Kannawa district where over

4 km northwest of Beppu station, and two in the more remote Shibaseki district.


Kannawa district 

6 hells are located within walking distance of each other in this area.


Umi Jigoku

Sea Hell, it resemble of sea, this 200 metre deep, cobalt blue pond of boiling water emerge 1200 years ago after a volcano explosion.


Oniishi Bozu Jigoku 

Oniishi shaving Head Hell, large and small bubble of hot gray mud that boiling

up here look like the shaven head of monks.


Shiraike Jigoku 

White Pound Hell, the colorless water that naturally spouts from the ground mysteriously turn creamy white. 


Yama Jigoku

Mountain Hell, a gust steam clear to reveal prancing lion, Bathing hippos and curious chimpanzees.
Taking its name from the mountain mud formed over years.


Kamado Jigoku 

Oven Hell, a bright demon standing on an enormous cooking pots is the
mascot of the site, temptingly divided into six unique, pots of murky, budding
thumping boiling water. 


Oniyama Jigoku

Devil’s Mountain Hell, the force of the steam produced at this Spring can pull
one and a half train cars.
This hellish site is the happy home of a variety of crocodile and alligator who slither down breeding water into the warm.


Shibaseki district

It takes about 5 minutes by car or bus from Kannawa district to this Shibaseki district.


Chi-no-ike Jigoku 

Blood Pull Hell, the clay is steaming hot point that the steam is red. Japan’s
oldest natural Jigoku as written about in the Bungo Topography described as
Akayusen, a reddish hot spring.  


Tatsumaki Jigoku

Water spout Hell, a geyser, is a natural monument designated by Beppu city.
The Geyser means a hot spring spouting out boiling water and steam in interval.



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