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Takachiho shrine


Takachiho Shrine is located just west of the town center, is nestled in a grove of tall cedars.

During the day the shrine’s nondescript, unpainted buildings blend in naturally with the surrounding trees
The light that filters through, brings with it an air of calm, peaceful reverence.

Today this legend is reenacted as Yokagura in a series of 33 episodes depicting the divine quarrel as

well as other deeds of the gods.  On winter weekends, people gather to watch all-night performances of

these episodes at different locations each week, sometimes at private homes

The performances are held on Saturday evenings from mid November to mid February.




A massively shortened version of Takachiho Yokagura is performed for tourists every night throughout

the year at the Takachiho Shrine. The one-hour show consists of just a few scenes of the story,

performed by masked dancers and accompanied by traditional instrument. It is held at the Yokagura

performance hall, just a few steps from the shrine’s main building.




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