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Fukuoka Yahuoku Dome


Fukuoka Yahuoku Dome is the home to the Fukuoka Soft Bank Hawks, which is one of Japans top professional baseball team. 
It was built in 1993 with a design unprecedented in its innovation and ingenuity with the goal to make the ideal sports stadium.
It has a field area of 13,500m2,  an elevating mound, as well as 6,000 movable seats at both ends of the field that can be adjusted to 
optimize the viewing for spectators depending on the event being
held and is the very first stadium to have a retractable roof in Japan. 

There are 216 super box seats situated on the 4th to 6th floors, an 188-meter long sports bar with a view of the entire stadium and an amusement center that is sure to optimize your enjoyment when viewing your favourite sporting events.


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