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A beautiful canal town Yanagawa


Canal boat cruise can be enjoyed while experience the atmospheres of Japanese castle town

and rural Japanese  life style. The estuary town facing the Ariake Sea through the Chikugo

River and Yabe River. 

People started to live here since ancient times and the agriculture and fishery have been 

engaged in by making Horiwari literary means the artificial canal. Surprisingly, 60km lengh

canal in total was constructed in the town of Yanagawa and the Yanagawa prospered as a 

castle town because the canals were used for the moats, which was the protection of enemy

during Edo period.



Canal boat cruise     




Ohana and Shotoen Garden


Birthplace of Hakushu Kitahara


Local Market    

     Taraditional local market

      Vegetables & fruits

     Ariake bay fishes


Local Cuisines    

     Local restaurant

        Eel cuisine

   Ariake bay Sea food


Yanagawa Sagemon Festival

The festival is held from February 11 through April 3 in Yanagawa. Hina dolls are displayed by families

with girls to pray for safe growth of their children, in Yanagawa


             Location of Yanagawa



Access to Yanagawa

 60 minutes by a vihecle from Fukuoka-city using Highway

 50 minutes by Nishitetsu train from Nishitetsu Tenjin (Fukuoka)




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