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Kyushu Travel Guide

Field trip in Kyushu, Mar. 29 to 31 / 国際大学の研修旅行


International University of Japan Field trip in Kyushu

Field trip learning for
Japan’s Economy, Industry as well as Environmental technologies

32 students come from 12 countries in Africa, such as Mozambique, Kenya, 
Cote d’lvoire, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, Tunisia, Morocco, South Africa, Botswana,
Tanzania, Burkina Faso as well as 2 teachers from China and Japan are included.
The tour is planned and operated by Japan KYUSHU Tourist, tour leader is 
Masa Kondo who is Managing director of the company.

Tour date : March 28 through 31 in 2016 
Destinations : Kitakyushu and Nagasaki



Schedule and where to visit
【March 28】
is the birthplace of Japanese modern industry, is now the world
leading environmental future city after overcoming serious environmental pollution
while it contributed greatly of Japan’s industrial development.
Here is the Wakamatsu port where was flourished as the coal port.


YASKAWA Electric Corporation, is world leading industrial robot company 
using state-of-art
technologies. The factory tour that the robots such as 
welding and painting robots are being producing by the manufacturing robot.

Mt. Sarakura
is the highest mountain in Kitakyushu-city with an altitude of 622 meters 
above sea level, a magnificent and spectacular view of Kitakyushu is enjoyed from the top.

【March 29】 Kitakyushu-city
Japanese steel industry began here and the Head office of Yawata Steel Works has 
been registered to World Heritage as Meiji Japan’s Industrial Revolution.

Higashida No.1 Blast Furnace, is historical place where Japan’s steel industry 
began in 1901.
It contributed greatly to the development of the Japanese steel industry 
and was used until 1972, and has been preserved just as it was.

NISSAN was founded in Kitakyushu-city as Kawashima Motor. The factory tour here, 
all process making the vehicles from body assemble through final inspection prior 
to delivery is learned.
Kokura Castle is one of the most famous land marks in Kitakyushu-city, the castle 
was built in 1602.


March 30Huis Ten Bosch

Eco tour at Huis Ten Bosch, is learned Environmental technologies, such as the Water 
treatment system that the sewage water is purified and then it is recycled in the Park, 
and the cogeneration system that the waste heat from the generator is used for the air conditioner.   







Nagasaki-city’s beautiful and magnificent night view is enjoyed from the top of Mt. Inasa
that is selected as one of the three best night view in the world. 



March 31Nagasaki-city
The atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki on August 9, 1945, and most part of
Nagasaki was destroyed and tremendous number of lives were lost.

For praying World Peace, Peace Park, Ground Zero and Atomic Bomb 
Museum are visited.

Glover House and office, is the World Heritage site of Meiji Japan’s Industrial 
Tomas Glover has greatly contributed to Japanese Industry especially 
for the ship building and coal mining.

Before leaving Nagasaki, Oura Cathedral which is Japan’s oldest wooden 
gothic-style wooden church, Dejima which was the trading port used during 
Japan’s isolation period, and Nagasaki Port are visited.



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