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6 days North-East Kyushu tour


Where to Explore  


Fukuoka → Chikugo region (AsakuraUkiha, Yame) → Okubungo (Kokonoe, Kuju, Bungo-ono

Takeda) → Yufuin → Beppu → Usa → Kunisaki Peninsula → Kitakyushu → Fukuoka  


























Day 1   Chikugo region  

The Kyuhsu’s largest Chikugo River which flows from Mount Aso through the Chikugo region
to Ariake Sea. The Kyushu’s largest Chikugo plain spreading in the Chikugo River basin,
where people live from ancient time and the various cultures have been created.
There are a lot of features here such as rural land scape, fruit fields, ancient ruins,
shrines, temples, castle town, Sake brewery, Onsen (hot spring), scrumptious local cosines, 
Japanese cultural experiences.

         Toho Village


             Chikugo River


         Ukiha, Shirakabe avnue

Featured restaurant, Shirakabe    

       Sake Brewery


         Fruits picking

       Harazuru Onsen Resort


Arrive at Fukuoka
Travel to Chikugo region

Exploring Toho Village and Asakura

Lunch at Featured restaurant Shirakabe

Exploring Shirakabe avenue  

Visit Sake brewery

Stay at Harazuru Onsen Resort 



Day 2    Okubungo  

Okubungo region is located in south-east side of Oita prefecture, and consists of

Kuju, Takada, Bungo-ono, Kusu and Kokonoe.

  Kokonoe Yune Otsurihashi

     Kokonoe Yune Otsurihashi 

     Handa kogen Plateau


        Harajiri Water fall

        Okajo Castle Ruins

           Ramune Onsen

           Ramune Onsen

          Nagayu Onsen Resort


Travel to Okubungo    

Kokonoe Yume Otsutihashi

lunch : local cuisine such as Dangojiru

Exloring Kuju

Harajiri Waterfall, Oka Castle Ruin

Stay at Nagayu Onsen Resort 



Day 3    Yufuin & Beppu

Yufuin is a beautiful and quietly rustic Onsen resort where one of the most popular among 

ladies and International tourist visits to here are increasing. 

       Yufuin Station Street

            Kinrinko lake

          Yufuin Floral Villge

Beppu is the popular hot spring town nestle at the foot of volcanos, Mt. Yufu and Mt. Tsurumi.

Boasting more than 2,800 hot spring sources and flowing rate of nearly 137,000 kiloliters per day

    Beppu Bay & Mt. Takasaki

       Myuban Onsen

           Foot bath

Beppu Hell tour

         Umi jigoku hell

    Oniishi bozu jigoku hell

            Yama jigoku hell

      Chinoike jigoku hell

          Kamado jigoku hell

        Tatsumaki jigoku hell


Travel to Yufuin

Exploring Yufuin  

Travel to Beppu

Exploring Beppu 

Stay in Beppu


Day 4   Usa & Kunisaki Peninsula


Usa is located at the base of Kunisaki peninsula and spreading around Usa Shrine.

Since ancient time the Kunisaki peninsula has been home of Kyushu’s prominent Usa Shrine,

influencing the surrounding hills and valleys with Buddhist culture. Although this is a Shinto shrine,

it has long been holy ground to both Shinto and Buddhist activities, and the Kunisaki Mountains 

and valleys were often chosen by monks as practice ground for meditation.

Usa Shrine

               Torii Gate


         Approach to Shrine

      Usa Shrine main building

Kunisaki peninsula began to develope 1,300 years ago as a sacred religions goround influenced by mountain and nature worship, Buddhism, and Usa shrine rising in the region. 

Here remains in Bungo-takada city the historical background for “home of prayer” consecrating a mass

the Shinto deity, Buddha, and ancestral spirit. And one of major industry is agriculture and entire area of 

Kunisaki peninsula including Usa are listed on the World Agricultural Heritage.

        Showano machi

            Fuki-ji Temple

       Kumano magaibutsu

          Nagasakibana cape

     Shiitake mushrooms

         Futago-ji Temple

   World Agricultural Heritage

             Makino odo

           Lover’s Road


Alternative route

Nakatshu & Yabakei is a small city on the north coast of Oita-prefecture, just east of its border

with Fukuoka-prefecture.

                Nakatsu Castle


 Maple Yaba Cycling Road



Day  5   Kitakyushu


Kitakyushu is the Industrial Innovation city with many different fascinating feature.

Kitakyushu offers amazing possibilities for tourism and travel with a combination of spectacular

scenery, rich cultural experiences as well as learning possibilities through Study tours based on

the environmental and industrial themes.

      Kokura Castle

    Uomachi Shopping Arcade

        Hiraodai Karst Plateau

      Mojiko Retro

         Kanmon-kyo Bridge

     Kanmon Pedstrian Tunnel

             Higashida district

                 Mt. Sarakura

  World Heritage, Former Head

 Office of Imperial Steel          


Explore Kitakyushu

Where to visit
Kokura Caltle, Mojiko-retro, Konamon Pedstrian tunnelHigashida,  Mt. Sarakura  

Industrial tour can be arranged as an alternative

Toyota, TOTO, Nippon Steel and Sumitomo Metal, Yaskawa Electric

lunch at Mojiko Retro or Karato Fish Market in Shimonoseki
Travel to Fukuoka 

Dinner : we will recommend for your best one from lot of choices 
Stay at Fukuoka,  Western style Hotel



Day 6 Fukuoka 


Fukuoka-city has a long history as commercial town and castle town, and prospered as important

district to Asian Continent for many years. Now, Fukuoka-city is the International hub of Kyushu,

the nation’s fourth largest economic zone. 

In other words, Fukuoka-city is the heart of Kyushu against various things,

such as food culture, shopping, entertainment, economy and international business.

              JR Hakata Station

           Sea Side Momochi  


      Fukuoka tour bus

             Fukuoka Tower

            Tochoji Temple

         Kushida Shrine

Kawabata-dori Shopping Arcade



Explore Fukuoka

   There are lot of tourst attractions, please chose from Fukuoka Travel Guide.

Dinner : we will recommend for your best one from lot of choices
Stay at Fukuoka, Western style Hotel 



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