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5 days Central Kyushu tour


Where to Explore  


Kumamoto : A castle town reputed for its woodlands

Aso :The world’s largest caldera and the active volcano 

Takachiho : The Waterfalls cascading from precipitous cliffs

Yanagawa :  A beautiful canal town

Fukuoka  :  A fascinating cosmopolitan city


 Travelling route 


The number in the circle indicates

 a day of travel


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  and things, you can include those

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Day 1 Kumamoto 


From the early 17th century to the end of the 19th century, Kumamoto was prosperous as a castle town.

The Shira-kawa River and its branches run through the downtown area around Kumamoto Castle.

Therefore, the city is called “City of Woods and Fresh Water.”


        Kumamoto Castle        Kumamoto Castle        Suizenji-koen Park


Arrive at Fukuoka 
Travel to Kumamoto, using the highway, 2 and half hours by vehicle

Explore Kumamoto :  Kumamoto Castle, Suizenji-koen Park

Travel to Aso   
Stay at Aso



Day 2 Aso 


Aso, the world’s largest caldera and the active volcano give a lot of excitements and numerous

unforgettable experiences in the rural area can be mede including Onsen, variety of sports 

and local cuisines.


             Aso Caldera              Daikanbo   Mt. Aso, Nakadake Crater


Explore Aso :  Daikanbo, Kusasenri-ga-hama, Mt. Aso, Aso shrineNabegataki Waterfall
Stay at Kurokawa Onsen, Japanese style accommodation, Ryokan 
Local cuisine can be enjoyed at Ryokan’s dinner



Day 3  Takachiho 


Takachiho is located in the center of the Kyushu mountain area where about 40km away from

Aso and is steeped in Japanese mythology.

Takachiho Gorge, the narrow chasm cut through the rock by the Gokase River.


     Takachiho Gorge      Takachiho Shrine      Amano Iwato Sheine


Travel to Takachiho, 1 and half hours by vehicle 
Explore Takachiho : 
  Takachiho GorgeTakachiho Shrine, Amano Iwato Shrine 

Stay at Takacihho



Day 4  Yanagawa


Yanagawa is the estuary town facing the Ariake Sea; Canal boat cruise can be enjoyed while

experience the atmospheres of castle town. Surprisingly, 60km lengh canal in total was

constructed in the town of Yanagawa and the Yanagawa prospered as a castle town because

the canals were used for the moats, which was the protection of enemy during Edo period.


             Okinohata          Canal boat cruise    Ohana Shotoen Garden


Travel to Yanagawa, 2 and half hours by vehicle
Explore Yanagawa : Canal boat cruiseOhana Shotoen Garden

Lunch at Yanagawa :  Unagi cuisine or seafood of Ariake Sea
Travel to Fukuoka, 1hour by vehicle 
・Stay at



Day 5  Fukuoka


Fukuoka-city has a long history as commercial town and castle town, and prospered as important

district to Asian Continent for many years.   Now, Fukuoka-city is the International bub of Kyushu,

the nation’s fourth largest economic zone. 

In other words, Fukuoka-city is the heart of Kyushu against various things,

such as food culture, shopping, entertainment, economy and international business.


               Tenjin   Wholesale Fish Market   Hakata Ramen at Yatai


Explore Fukuoka

    There are lot of tourst attaractions,  chose from Fukuoka Travel Guide

Dinner, we will recommend for your best one from many choices 
Stay at Fukuoka : Western style Hotel




Day 6  Leave Fukuoka to Home



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