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Kawachi Reservoir


Kawachi Reservoir is the first-class civil construction 
heritage that triggered the registration of World Cultural 
Heritage of Meiji Japan’s Industrial Revolution.
The Kawachi Reservoir was constructed for the industrial 
water supply to Yawata Steel Works. 
The dam was constructed at the Okura River and upper 
stream of the dam was expanded and making the 7milion 
cubic metre reservoir.

In the construction of the dam, the unprecedented design in 
the world has been applied in order to harmonize with nature 
and to save the construction cost.
The stones come out from the mountain when the river was 
expanded have been utilized for construction of the dam.

All stones are cut into sizes and shapes by the stone 
technicians according to the place of use. The large size 
stone were used at the main construction of the dam and 
the small size stones were used for other places as per 
size and shape. Construction was started in 1919 and 
was completed in 1927 by 900 thousand total number of 

Specification of the dam
・height : 43.1 metre 
・Width : 189 metre

・Water storage capacity : 7,000,000 cubic metre

・Owner : Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation

Minami Kawachi-bashi bridge

The only remaining lenticular truss bridge in Japan 
( lens type truss bridge), located at the south side of 
Kawachi Reservoir and it was designed by Hisanori Numata.
This shape and color really harmonize with nature and 
become a symbol of the Iron town Yahata.

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