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Harajo Castle ruins


Site of Historic Battle field of Shimabara Rebellion

Harajo Castle ruin is located in Minami-arima in Shimabara and the Battle field of Shimabara

Rebellion which was a peasant uprising agaist bakufu’s persecution of Christians under the

leadership of Amakusa Shiro in 1637.

It was founded by Arima Takazumi in 1496 and was a flat castle with a fortress naturally created both

by the cliff facing Ariake Sea and the tide coming in. This Castle was abandoned since Matsudaira 
Shigemasa, the load of Shimabara, built Shimabara Castle after the rupture of Arima family ties. 
Christian farmers rose in a riot due to their grievance about the oppression by Matsukura Shigemasa.
The Shogunate regarded this riot as Christian rebellion and sent its punitive force, therefore locked
themselves in the castle and with their leader Amakusa Shiro Tokisada fought against the Shogunate.

On February 27, 1638, he died in battle. The following day, the castle fell. 37,000 Christians including women

and children died a violent death. 

It is registered on the World Heritage as Hidden Chriarian Sites.


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