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Itoshima (糸島)


Itoshima is a Resort town belonging to Genkai Quasi-National Park located next to Fukuoka-city.

Itoshima is facing Genkai Sea that the dynamic wave makes beautiful coast line scenery, and on the

other side is surrounded majestic Seburi mountain range makes beautiful country side landscape.



Futamigaura Beach    


Anegonohana-no-nakizuna Beach




Keya Cave    


Shiraito Waterfall    


Raizan Sennyo-ji temple

Salt Producing Plant




Sake Brewery



What to do

 Suginoya , Sake brewery

Sake is unique Japanese liquor made by fermenting rice.

Suginoya is the Japanese traditional Sake brewery in Itoshima and has

more than 140 years history.
You can enjoy tasting of Sake.   more


Ichirano-no mori  一蘭の森

Ichiran is an authentic tonkotsu ramen (pork born soup ramen) restaurant,

established in 1960. 
The ramen producing factory can be visited and various type of ramen

can be enjoyed at Ichiran-no-mori.    more


                          Location of Itoshima                



Access to Itoshima

30 minutes from JR Hakata Station by a vihecle 

using Fukuoka Urban Express Way and Nishi-kyushu High way


40 minutes by train from JR Hakata Station to Maebaru, Itoshima






Kusasenri-ga-hama is the beautiful prairie of 785,000 square meter in the crater 

which spreads in northern part of Mt. Eboshi that is one of the Aso Five Mountains.





Mount Aso


Mount Aso, is the largest active volcano in Japan, and is among

the largest in the world. Its peak is 1592 m above sea level.


Its caldera is 25 km across north to south and 18 km across east

to west.
The caldera has a circumference of around 120 km, although

sources vary on the exact distance.


The central cone group of Aso consists of five mountains: Mt.Naka, Mt.Neko, Mt.Taka, Mt. Eboshi, and Mt.Kishima.

Last major eruption of Mt. Naka was in 1993.


To the Ropeway station Ropeway station To the Crater of Naka-dake


 To the Crater on foot Volcanic gas information   Shrine on top


 Around Crater Around Crater  Around Crater 


 Look down the Crater  Crater  Crater


 West side of Crater  Central area of Crater  East side of Crater


Munakata Taisha Shrine Hetsu-miya



 Torii Gate Stone Lantern  Pond at the approach


Chozysha, pureification place Main Gate Imperial Chrysanthemum pattern


Main Shrine of Hetsu-miya Main Shrine of Hetsu-miya Deities in Hetsu-miya


 700 years old Oak Sacred tree Oak Sacred tree Oak Sacred tree


 Entrance of Takamiya Saijo

 Approach to Takamiya Saijo

through sacred area

Takamiya Saijo

Japan’s oldest Ancient style Shrine



 Tenni-gu Shrine Teisan-gu Shrine  Shinpokan Museum 


Wakamatsu-kita Coast


The northern tip Coast of Kyushu Island and facing to Genkai Sea where

a part of Genkai Quasi-National Park.
Breathtaking and dynamic view and beautiful sunset scenery can be enjoyed.



Tomigahana Lighthouse


Genkai Sea


Genkai Sea



 Ancient Stratum


Eroded rock


Eroded rock




Enjoy panoramic view


Misaki Shrine


Tomigahana Lighthouse



Iwaya Beach


Iwaya Beach


Iwaya Beach



Iwaya Port


Wakamatsu Cabbege field


Wakamatsu Cabbege




Lovers’ Sanctuary


Natsuigahama Coast


Natsuigahama Coast




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Minamata Onsen


Minamata is located in Kumamoto Prefecture, It is on the west coast of Kyushu and faces

Amakusa islands. There are two Onsen resorts;

Yunotsuru Onsen located along the Yuide River in the mountains and called Mountain Onsen.

Yunoko Onsen faces Yatsushiro Sea and called Ocean Onsen.



Yunotsuru Onsen Ryokan Ryokan


Yuido River Corridor of Ryokan Outdoor bath


 Airinkan, local restaurant  Paddy field at mountain area Paddy field at mountain area 

Yunoko Onsen Yunoko Onsen Yunoko Onsen


 Spanish Village, restaurant Spanish Village   Spanish Village


               Location of Minamata





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Harajiri Waterfall


Harajiri Waterfall is called Niagara Falls of Japan.

The Ogata River, running through the center of the Ogata plain in Oita Prefecture, flows furiously down a cliff and creates Harajiri Falls.

The falls, 120 meters wide and 20 meters tall, are selected as one

of the best 100 falls in Japan.

Lava flows produced by the great eruption of Mt. Aso accumulated

and created Harajiri Falls.


 Over view of Waterfall Waterfall Waterfall


 Upstream of Waterfall Upstream of Waterfall  Downstream of Waterfall 


Cherry blossom Suspension bridge Suspension bridge


Wheat field for Beer Ogata-machi Ogata-machi


Ogata-machi Grass Cherry Michino-eki, Souvenir shop



Nagayu Onsen


Nagayu Onsen is one of the most popular hot spring for foreign tourists, and is located

at the foot of Kuju mountain range.
The hot spring is known as one of the world’s top carbonate spring.


Ramune Onsen Ramune Onsen Ramune Onsen


Nagayu Onsen Open air Bath in the river River side


Onsen Town Onsen Town Onsen Town


Michino-eki, Souvenir shop Local restaurant Onsen town


Amakusa (天草)


Amakusa, is located in a southern part of Kumamoto, and consists of Shimo-jima,Kami-jima

and many other islands varied in size, which belong to Unzen-Amakusa National Park. 


It provides ideal spots for viewing the saw-toothed coast line of Amakusa and the small islands

scattered across the sea.


Amakusa is also known as a popular hideaway for many Japanese Christians during the

banning of Christianity from the 17th century to the 19th century.



Exploring Amakusa


Misumi Port Misumi Port Misumi


Urashimaya Urashimaya Misumi Port



Tenmon Bridge View Place Tenmon Bridge Amakusa Islands


 Amakusa Shiro Mwmorial Hall  Martyrdom Amakusa Shiro Statue Bell for World Peace


 Amakusa Gokyo, Pearl line Amakusa Pearl line Amakusa Pearl line


Amakusa Pearl line Amakusa Pearl line Amakusa Pearl line


Shiranui Onsen Centre Michino-eki, Road Station Michino-eki, Road Station


                 Location of Amakusa






Daikanbo is a perfect spot view the five peak of Mt. Aso 

(Aso Gogaku), and is a Mecca for tourists visiting

Aso. Daikanbo literally means a big observatory peak.

The circumference of the Aso caldera is about 130 kilometers.

From the observation site, you can clearly see its conical shape.
Early in the morning, the clouds had spread out below us, and hung over the caldera as if they were a large sea.


 To the top  At the top Observatory place 


View from the top View from the top View from the top



View from the top Aso Caldera map
Access to Daikanbo



Burning of the grassland Burning of the grassland  Burning of the grassland 



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