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Kyushu Travel Guide

Fukuoka customized tours


Fukuoka-prefecture only in Japan is selected by

CNN Travel as one of the top 19 places to visit in 2019 

We offer Customized private tours in Fukuoka-prefecture, and also the following destinations 

around Fukuoka-prefecture.

Nagasaki, Shimabara, Unzen, Kumamoto, Aso,  Takachiho, Beppu,  Yufuin, Usa,

Kunisaki peninsula,  Sagaprefecture



Customized tour conditions

The tour is the Customized private tour exclusively for your group  such as friends, family, company

or any groups.

・Minimum number : 2 person

・Maxum number : 30 person

・Start and end of the tour is Fukuoka–city, please specify the place where you want

・Tour date : please specify the date

・English, Chinese or Korean speaking guide is accompanied

・Chartered vehicle is utilized such as a taxi or bus as per number of person

    if you use a taxi, a foreign language (English, Chainese or Korean ) speaking driver

    can be arranged.  

・Accommodations is selected as per your required grade, room conditions and budget

    and the location is considered sightseeing, dinner and nightlife as well.




Fukuoka is the largest prefecture in Kyushu and has gate way from other area in Japan

and Overseas countries and the starting point of journey to any destinations in Kyushu.

The prefecture only in Japan isselected by CNN Travel as one of the top 19 places to visit in 2019 

Fukuoka one-day tour

Yanagawa & Dazaifu

one-day tour


one-day tour


Fukuoka-city is the Heart of

Kyushu. this tour introduce

historical places and local



Yanagawa is a Castle town with

beautiful canal facing to Ariake

bay.  Dazaifu is must visit place

in Fukuokaprefecture has

1300 years history


Itoshima is a resort town near

Fukuoka-city . Beautiful dynamic

Genkai Sea, seafood gourmet,

local products shopping,

Sake brewery 


Munakata & Fukutsu

one-day tour

Munakata, Oshiama &

Okinoshima one-day tour

Toho village, Asakura

Ukiha one-day tour


UNESCO World Heritage sites

in Munakata and Fukutsu.

Discover Japanese history from

ancient time


UNESCO World Heritage sites

in Munakata and Oshima Island.

Worship the Sacred Island

from Okinoshima Island


Agricultural industries spreading

in the Chikugo plain; beautiful

rural landscape, fruit picking,

Sake brewery, Onsen


Chikugo Yoshii & Yanagawa

Hinadoll festival tour

Yame region

one-day tour

Ukiha & Yanagawa

one-day tour


The Hinadoll festival is a

traditional Japanese event

that announces the arrival of




Kurume, Yame, Hoshino village

Located in the southern part of



Exploring the two most featured

destinations in southern part of


Ukiha and Yanagawa 


Kitakyushu one-day tour

Kawachi Wisteria garden

& Kitakyushu one-day tour


hiking tour


World leading Environmental

Future city, and blessed with 

spectacular & stunning nature 


The tour is operated during

Kawachi Wisteria blossom period

from mid-April to mid-May


Abundant hiking opportunities

in the beautiful nature of




Saga-prefecture is located in the northern part of Kyushu and are adjacent to Fukuoka-prefecture

in the east and to Nagasaki-prefecture in the west.

The north side faces Genkai Quasi-National Park with scenic coast line. In the south, the Saga

plain that is adjacent to Ariake Sea is spreading.


one-day tour 

Takeo & Yutoku Inari

Shrine one-day tour

Karatsu & Yobuko

one-day tour


The capital of  Saga–prefecture

One of the birth place of

Japanese Industrial



Onsen Resort Takeo.

Yutoku is one of the most

famous Inari shrines in Japan



Karatsu is a castle town.

Yobuko is a fishing port town;

morning market and fresh

squid cuisine are famous


Arita & Imari

one-day tour





Arita and Imari are porelain

towns with 400 years history.

Both places have different

feature of porcelain respectively.









Nagasaki-prefecture is located north-west side of Kyushu and borders Saga-prefecture

on the east, and is otherwise surrounded by Seas.

It also includes a large number of islands such as Tsushima and Iki. Most of the prefecture is

near the coast and there are a number of ports such as Nagasaki-city and a United States Navy

base at Sasebo-city.


one-day tour

Nagasaki / UNESCO Hidden

Christian sites one-day tour

Nagasaki / UNESCO Hidden

Christian sites 3 days tour


Centred on Nagasaki harbour,

greatly contributed to Japan’s

modernization since

establishment of Dejima


To show how Christians have

been continued their faith since Christianity was propagated to



Introduce the Christian faith

continued even during the ban

on Christianity


Nagasaki / UNESCO Industrial

Revolution one-day tour       

Shimabara & Unzen

2 days tour

Sasebo & Huis Ten Bosch

one-day tour


The origin of Japan’s

modernization. Nagasaki

contributed for Shipbuilding

and Coal Mining


Main tourist destinations in

Shmabara peninsula. Shimabara

is facing Sea and has UNESCO

World Heritage sites. Unzen is a

beautiful highland Onsen Resort 


The town surrounded azure sea

with breathtaking 99 islands

scenery, and beautiful theme 

park Huis Ten Bosch 



Oita-prefecture is on the north-eastern section of Kyushu and is bordered by Miyazaki-prefecture

to the south, and Fukuoka-prefecture and Kumamoto-prefecture to the west.

The prefecture is a representative Onsen Resort area in Japan, and most recommended Onsen

Resorts are Beppu and Yufuin.

Yufuin & Beppu Onsen

2 days tour

Usa & Kunisaki

one-day tour 



Two major Onsen Resorts in

Oita-prefecture, Yufuin is a .

beautiful & tranqil Onsen

and Beppu is one of the most

famous Onsen in Japan


Tranquil country side spreading

around Usa Shrine that one of

the most beautiful shrine in




Kumamoto & Miyazaki-prefecture  

Located in the center of Kyushu, Mount Aso, an extensive active volcano, is in the east of

Kumamoto-prefecture. This volcano is located at the center of the Aso caldera.

Kumamoto, Aso

Takachiho 3 days tour


one-day tour

Amakusa / UNESCO Hidden

Christian sites 2 days tour


Major toursit destination in

Central Kyushu; Kumamoto–city

Aso and Takachiho


Takachiho offers the dynamic 

nature of Takachiho Gorge, and

the roots of Japanese culture in

the birth place of Japanese



Introduce Japanese Christianity

history of continuing faith while

coexisting with Japanese

traditional religion


Aso & Takachiho 

Dynamic Nature 2 day tour



The large scale of the Dynamic

Nature which cannot be seen

in no other area in Japan.



Study tours to Kitakyushu

The city of Kitakyushu is the birthplace of the modern Japanese steel industry which began

operation in 1901, and is now the world’s leading environmental future city.

Now it is called industrial and environmental city which is representative of Japan.

Therefore the various things can be learn here.



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