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Kyushu Photo Gallery

Okubungo (奥豊後)


Okubungo region is located in south-east side of Oita prefecture, and consists of

Takada including kuju area and Bungo-ono.



Explore in Takeda and Kuju


Oka Castle Ruin 

Although once impenetrable with its high cliffs, today there is little that remains of Oka Castle


Nagayu Onsen resort

The hot spring is known as one of the world’s top carbonate spring.



Kokonoe Yume Otsutihasi

Japan’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge with the 390 meter long, lovated at 777 meter above sea level.


Exploring Kuju area

Kuju Flower Park    Kuju Winery Bungo Beef 


Explore in Bungo-ono


Harajiri Waterfall

In the Ogata River, running through the center of the Ogata plain in Oita Prefecture



Exploring Ogata-machi


Okubungo Ogata-so

Densyokan Building Kinu-san Clay doll Kinu-san Clay doll




Michino-eki, local shopping center Chindano-taki Water Fall Chindano-taki Water Fall



               Location of Okubungo


Nakatsu & Yabakei (中津・耶馬渓)


Nakatsu is a small city on the north coast of Oita-prefecture, just east of its

border with Fukuoka-prefecture.

During the Edo Period of Japanese history, Nakatsu was a mid-sized domain, and the

town itself has recently expanded to include outlying towns and districts and now comprises

almost 500 square kilometers with a population of almost 85,000.



Exploring Nakatsu 


Nakatsu Castle

The castle was built in 1588 on the estuary of Nakatsu river.


Goganji Temple

The temple called Akakabe Dera literally means red wall.


Exploring Yabakei


The approximately 1 km high monolithic rockey mountain



The tunnel built by a monk Zenkai in Edo period, spending 30 years


Rakanji Temple

A historic temple built on the top of the mountain in 645​




Called Hitomi Hakkei, the scenic spot



Maple Yaba Cycling Road

Cycling road built on the site of the old Yabakei Railroad



               Location of Nakatsu & Yabakei 


Usa & Ajimu (宇佐 & 安心院)


Usa area including Ajimu are located at the base of Kunisaki peninsula and spreading around

Usa Shrine.

Since ancient time the Kunisaki peninsula has been home of Kyushu’s prominent Usa Shrine,

influencing the surrounding hills and valleys with Buddhist culture. Although this is a Shinto shrine,

it has long been holy ground to both Shinto and Buddhist activities, and the Kunisaki Mountains 

and valleys were often chosen by monks as practice ground for meditation.



Exploring Usa & Ajimu


Usa Shrine

 Torii Gate Approach to Shrine Shrine main building 


Ajimu Winery



Scenic beauty

Sen Cliffs Higashi-shiya Waterfall Suzai Waterfall



Cool Japan

Fukami Five Story Pagoda Trowel Painting Trowel Painting


Futaba-no-sato Museum, Sumo Grand Champion Futabayama Museum


Senzai Farm Garden  

250 wisteria flowers bloom at the most largest garden in Kyushu, 200 roses bloom from May

Wisteria flower Tea Plantation Rose Garden




               Location of Usa&Ajimu


Kunisaki peninsula (国東半島)


Kunisaki peninsula began to develop 1,300 years ago as a sacred religious ground influenced by  mountain and nature worship, Buddhism, and

Usa shrine rising in the region.  Here remains in Bungo-takada city the historical

background for “home of prayer” consecrating a mass the Shinto deity, Buddha, 

and ancestral spirit. And one of major industry is agriculture and entire area of 

Kunisaki peninsula including Usa are listed on the World Agricultural Heritage.



Welcome to Kunisaki Peninsula

Lover’s (koikana) Road Rural area

Shiitake mushrooms


Exploring Kunisaki Peninsula


Showa no machi


Fuki-ji Temple


Stone lantern

The oldest extant wooden

structure in Kyushu





Image of the god Fudo Temnemji temple

Place of Shugendo

Religious training



World Agricultural Heritage

Paddy field

Farmers houses


Kumano magaibutu


Daiichi nyorai

Fudo myoou


Futago-ji Temple


Choan-ji Temple    



Makino odo



               Location of Kunisaki peninsula




Kitakyushu (北九州)

Kitakyushu is the Industrial Innovation city with many different fascinating feature.  


The city is blessed with spectacular & stunning natural feature. 

Kitakyushu offers amazing possibilities for tourism and travel with a combination of spectacular

scenery, rich cultural experiences as well as learning possibilities through Study tours based on

the environmental and industrial themes.




Kokura Castle  Kokura Castle Garden River Walk Kitasyushu 


Tanga market  Uomachi Gintengai Shopping Light up of Steel Works



Mojiko Retro

Mitsui O.S.K Line Building


Mitsui Club


Kaikyo Plaza 


 Mojiko Retro Observatory   Mojiko Retro Port Kanmonkyo bridge 


Konamon Pedstrian tunnel    



Kawachi Wisteria Garden


                                                       Location of Kitakyushu-city



Access to Kitakyushu

 80 minutes by a vehicle using High Way from Fukuoka Air Port

 40 minutes by JR Express train from Hakata Station

 19 minutes by JR Shinkansen (bullet train ) from Hakata Station  




Chikugo region (筑後)


Chikugo region consists of Asakura, Akizuki, Ukiha, Tanushimaru, and Yame


The Kyuhsu’s largest Chikugo River which flows from Mount Aso through the Chikugo region
to Ariake Sea. The Kyushu’s largest Chikugo plain spreading in the Chikugo River basin,
where people live from ancient time and the various cultures have been created.
There are a lot of features here such as rural land scape, fruit fields, ancient ruins,
shrines, temples, castle town, Sake brewery, Onsen (hot spring), scrumptious local cosines, 
Japanese cultural experiences.


Exploring Chikugo


Asakura Triple Water Wheel  Yamada Weir  Toho Village 



Sakurano-baba Street   Cherry Blossoms Autumn leaves 


Harazuru Onsen 

Gate way   Chikugo River Onsen resort



Over view of the town   Canal in the town Shirakabe-dori Avenue 

Featured Restaurant, Shirakabe, located at Shirakabe-dori Avenue

Nijino Mino-no-sato, local Farmer’s Market



Kirin Beer Farm, at Asakura

Reataurant Cosmos Garden Cosmos flowers


Breweries in Tanushimaru

Sake Brewery Syochu Brewery Winery



Tea plantation   Kurogi Wisteria tree Sake brewery


Fruit picking  in Asakura, Ukiha and Tanushimaru

Strawberry, Grape, Pear, Apple and Persimmon



                              Location of Chikugo




Kumamoto (熊本)


A castle town reputed for its woodlands and fresh water


Kumamoto, situated roughly in the center of Kumamoto Prefecture, is the government and

economic center of the prefecture.

From the early 17th century to the end of the 19th century, Kumamoto was prosperous

as a castle town. The Shira-kawa River and its branches run through the downtown area

around Kumamoto Castle. Therefore, the city is called “City of Woods and Fresh Water.”



Welcome to Kumamoto

Kato Kiyamasa Statue Shimo-tori Shopping Street Street tram


Exploring Kumamoto

Kumamoto Castle

Entrance gate   Castle tower Kato Shrine 


After the Earthquake

Ninomaru-hiroba Castle tower Turret


Suizenji-koen Park    


                 Location of Kumamoto



Access to Kumamoto

  by a vehicle


  from Fukuoka-city : 1 hour and 40 minutes

  from Kitakyushu-city : 2 hours and 40 minutes



Shimabara (島 原)


Shimabara is a city located on the north-eastern tip of Shimabara Peninsula, facing Ariake Bay 

in the east and Mt. Unzen including Mt. Fugen. 

The most popular tourist destinations in Shimabara city are the Shimabara Castle. Shimabara is

also blessed with many Onsen.
There is so much natural spring water, both hot and cold, that it runs through the streets.



Welcome to Shimabara

Shimabara-gaiko Shimabara port Kuchinotsu port


Exploring Shimabara

Shimabara Castle moat Shimabara Castle tower View from Castle tower


Samurai houses Samurai houses  inside Samurai street  


Harajo Castle ruins  Site of Shimabara Revellion  Amakusa Shiro Statue 




              Location of Shimabara



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Unzen (雲 仙)


Unzen is a beautiful mountain and Onsen resort, and was the first area to be designated

as a National Park in Japan.  Whether you are taking in the stunning  panoramic views 

from top one of the many peaks including Nita-toge Pass or looking up these volcanic 

mountains or Fugen, you will marvel at the spectacular scenery. 

As each season brings a vivid change to the appearance the face of Unzen you may wish 

to return again and again to enjoy the full range of rich variations.



Welcome to Unzen

Unzen Bus center Onsen resort near Bus center Entrance of Unzen resort


Exploring Unzen

Nita Pass  Nita Pass azaleas in Spring Nita Pass Rope Way Station


Mount Fugen 



Bideo Museum Bideo Museum Unzen Golf Course


              Location of Unzen

Access to Unzen


・30 minutes by car from Shimabara

・80 minutes by car from Nagasaki-city

・2 and half hours by car from Fukuoka-city



Aso (阿 蘇)


Aso region is one of the most popular tourist destination in Kyushu.

The world’s largest caldera and the active volcano give a lot of excitements.

And numerous unforgettable experiences in the rural area can be mede including Onsen,

variety of sports and local cuisines.



Welcome to Aso​



Where to explore

Mt. Aso, Nakadake

Around Crater Look down the Crater Crater



Sensui-kyo Issingyo big cherry tree Aso shrine 




Shirakawa suigen Kurokawa Onsen Nabegataki Waterfall


                 Location of Aso 



Access to Aso


  by a vehicle

  from Kumamoto-city : 60 minutes

  from Fukuoka-city : 2 hours and 30 minutes

  from Kitakyushu-city : 3 hours and 30 minutes