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Yanagawa Canal boat cruise


Yanagawa is a formaer Castle town located in southern part of Fukuoka-prefecture.

There is no castle ruin any more and only roadside canals are left here. 

Yanagawa Canal boat cruise is to board a small boat called the Donkobune and

slowly go down the river skillfully maneuvered by a boatman with bamboo pole. 


You will enjoy a leisurely cruise along the streets and houses which still retain some remnants of

castle town, hearing the boatman’s explanation of the history and landscape of Yanagawa. 

You can also enjoy the specialty of Yanagawa eel steamed in basket called “Unagi-no-seiromushi”

on the boat.




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Fruits harvest experience


Let’s enjoy harvesting Fruits


In the harvest time, the northern Kyushu boasts many area with beautiful fruit orchards.

Fukuoka is one of the leading fruit-producing prefecture in all Japan.
The fruit production in Fukuoka is primarily concentrated in the southern Chikugo region

such as Ukiha, Asakura and Tanushimaru.


Grape : August to bignning of October, in Ukiha and Tanushimaru 


Persimmon : Middle of October to biginning of December, in Asakura, Ukiha and Tanushimaru 


AppleAugust to December, in Asakura and Kama 


Strawbery : December through May, in Ukiha and Yame


Kabosu, September to October in Bungo-ono, Oita-prefecture



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Hell tour


Beppu’s most hyped attraction 

Hell (Jigoku Meguri ) tour that is a collection of hot spring where the water bubbles forth from 
underground, often with unusual result.  

Seven of the hells are located in the Kannawa district where over 4 km northwest of Beppu station, 

and two in the more remote Shibaseki district.


Kannawa district

6 hells are located within walking distance of each other in this area.


Umi Jigoku

Sea Hell, it resemble of sea, this 200 metre deep, cobalt blue pond of boiling water

emerge 1200 years ago after a volcano explosion


Oniishi Bozu Jigoku 

Oniishi shaving Head Hell, large and small bubble of hot gray mud that boiling

up here look like the shaven head of monks.


Shiraike Jigoku 

White Pound Hell, the colorless water that naturally spouts from the ground mysteriously

turn creamy white


Yama Jigoku

Mountain Hell, a gust steam clear to reveal prancing lion, Bathing hippos and curious chimpanzees.
Taking its name from the mountain mud formed over years.


Kamado Jigoku 

Oven Hell, a bright demon standing on an enormous cooking pots is the mascot of the site,
temptingly divided into six unique, pots of murky, budding thumping boiling water.


Oniyama Jigoku

Devil’s Mountain Hell, the force of the steam produced at this Spring can pull one and a half
train cars.  This hellish site is the happy home of a variety of crocodile and alligator who slither
down breeding water into the warm.


Shibaseki district

It takes about 5 minutes by car or bus from Kannawa district to this Shibaseki district.


Chi-no-ike Jigoku 

Blood Pull Hell, the clay is steaming hot point that the steam is red. Japan’s oldest natural
Jigoku as written about in the Bungo Topography described as Akayusena reddish hot spring.  


Tatsumaki Jigoku

Water spout Hell, a geyser, is a natural monument designated by Beppu city.
The Geyser means a hot spring spouting out boiling water and steam in interval.




Aso Tourist Tram


Aso Tourist Tram, the train ride starts with a great view from the first bridge pier at Shirakawa, 

60 meters above the gorge.


This location is also famous for having the longest station name in Japan; Minamiaso Nizuno
Umareru Sato Shiramizu Kogen Station.

There are many sites of interest along with the rail line in Aso region.


Choyo Station has only station building on the line dating from before the JR privatization.
There are also spa facilities at the Aso Shimodajo Fureai Onsen Station and attractive wooden
building at the Takamori Station.
Takamori Station


Operating schedule

The tram operates from March to late November on Saturday, Sunday, and holidays.
It makes two daily round trips between Tateno and Takamori.
It operates daily, however, during the scholastic spring and summer vacations and week-long
holidays in May.

Reservations are accepted 10 day prior to boarding at the Takamori Station.

There is also regular daily train service on this route.



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The Japan’s longest foot bath


Called “ Hot foot 105” is the Japan’s longest foot bath in Obama Onsen Resort, located at the

mountain foot of  Unzen in Shimabara peninsula.


The length of foot bath is 105m which is same number of the hot spring source temperature of

105 degree Celsius.




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Japanese Cultural experiences in Kitakyushu

Time to enjoy dressing in kimono tea ceremony experience, and Rickshaw riding experience at 
Kokura Castle Garden and Kokura Castle.

You can also take beautiful photographs in this location to provide you with wonderful memories and 
recollection of your visit to Kokura Castle.

Tea ceremony

The Tea ceremony follow a traditional ceremony of serving tea to guests.
The original form of tea ceremony was introduced to Japan from China by Buddhist monks,

and perfected by Master Sen-no-Rikyu based on the spirit of Zen in the 16th century.

Experience riding in the Rickshaw  

invented in Japan in the beginning of the 20th century.



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Excursion & Activities


We offer many activities and fun things to do in Kyushu.


Canal boat cruise in Yanagawa 

Yanagawa Canal boat cruise is to board a small boat called the Donkobune and slowly go down the river skillfully maneuvered by a boatman with bamboo pole. 

Enjoy a leisurely cruise along the streets and houses which still retain some remnants of castle town.   more


Foot bath in Beppu 

Foot bath is called Ashiyu in Japanese and is a public bath in which people can bath their feet. Ashiyu in Beppu set up at Kannawa Onsen. You can easily enjoy

it without having to remove all your clothing, only the feet and leg up to the knee

are immersed.  more


Fruit picking

In the harvest time, the northern Kyushu boasts many area with beautiful

fruit orchards.
Fukuoka is one of the leading fruit-producing prefecture in all Japan.

The fruit production in Fukuoka is primarily concentrated in the southern 

Chikugo region such as Ukiha,  Asakura and Kurume.  more


Hell tour 

The most exciting experience in Beppu is Jigoku Meguri or (Burning Hell) tour.  
A collection of hot springs where the water bubbles forth from underground,

often with unusual result. more


Sake brewery visiting

There are a lot of Sake brewery in Kyushu where you can visit.
Most of brewery have a tasting corner, 
Let’s sample sake.

Sake is an alcoholic beverage brewed from rice, koji mold and yeast.   more 


Michino Eki

Michino Eki means Road Station in Japan.

it provodes places for travelers to rest, they are intended to promote local

tourism and trade.
There are local shop where you can but local product such as agricultual products, seafood,
snacks, souvenirs and other goods.  more



The world’s most dynamic, magnificent and spectacular Let’s enjoy the breathtaking scenery that you have never seen before.   more


Japanese cultural experience in Kokura

Time to enjoy dressing in Kimono, tea ceremony experience, and Rickshaw

riding experience Kokura Castle Garden and Kokura Castle. You can also take

beautiful photographs in this location to provide you with wonderful

memories and recollection of your visit to Kokura.  more 


Foot bath in Beppu

Have you tried Foot bath before? 
Foot bath is called Ashiyu in Japanese and is a public bath in which people can bath their feet.
Ashiyu in Beppu set up at Kannawa Onsen near the Hell tour spot.
You can easily enjoy it without having to remove all your clothing, only the feet and leg up to the
knee are immersed. 

The Foot bath can still warm the entire body because of the large veins that run through the leg.