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Kirishima is located in the northeastern part of Kagoshima and is the entrance to the 

Kirishima district of Kirishima Yaku National Park, which includes the Kirishima volcanic 

chain, Sakura jima and Yaku shima Islands.



Where to visit


Kirishima jingu Shrine   

The red-painted main building of shrine, an Important Cultural Property, is where music and

festivals are offered, including the Kagura dance, Minami Kyushu Kagura matsuri Festival

in summer.


Kirishima Onsen 

Lying on the lower slopes of the Kirishima Mountain with a distant view over Kagoshima Bay

and Sakurajima below. 

The area is made up of over a dozen Onsen, of which the largest and best know is Maruo Onsen


Black Vinegar

The Fukuyama area along Kinko Bay is home to the famous Japanese black vinegar.

Over here, one can tour the old-fashioned Tshubobatake which leterally means a field of

vinegar jars, witness the traditional manufacturing process of the black vinegar, taste and

purchase the finished product.




                 Location of Krishima






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Kirishima jingu Shrine


The red-painted main building of is designated as an Important Cultural Property.
The music and festivals are offered, including the Kagura dance, 

Minami Kyushu Kagura matsuri Festival in summer, Tenson Korin Gojinkasai, a fantastic fire festival in fall, and the performance of Kumen daiko drums in winter in front of the main hall. Kagura is a traditional performing art featuring dance and music that dates

back to ancient Japan.  Music, song and dance are performed wholeheartedly in order to serve and entertain the gods.


Kirishiama Onsen


Kirishima Onsen,  located on the lower slopes of the Kirishima Mountain with a distant view over Kagoshima Bay and Sakurajima below.  The area is made up of over a dozen Onsen, of which the largest and best know is Maruo Onsen. With its high concentration of hotels and central location, Maruo Onsen 

is the representative resort town of the entire Kirishima Onsen area.
The hot spring towns around Kirishima Onsen are dotted with Ryokan and hotels of various sizes

Their many hot spring sources appear at every turn, each billowing clouds of steam from what look

like large smoke stacks.

There are so many hot spring sources in this volcanic region that they are literally coming up in the streets, venting sulfuric waters said to alleviate ailments such as stomach disorders, nerve damage,

and diabetes.


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